6/1/2021 Group Meeting – Staying on Track

In this week’s group meeting, Dr. Tro and health coaches Amy Eiges and Brian Wiley discussed how to keep your diet momentum going. Many people are feeling anxious about maintaining their health goals with things starting to open up after COVID restrictions and more opportunities for socializing. The team discussed ways to navigate these situations as well as summer vacations. If you are headed out after this long time at home, now is a great time to re-examine your defenses and strategies.


  • Many of us have been locked down for over a year and learning to manage our stress and challenges, but now we have to figure out how to deal with a whole new set of challenges with upcoming social engagements. Be aware of situations you may be going into and plan for them in advance if possible.
  • One thing to be aware of before going in to any social gathering is that there may be a great deal of tempting trigger foods available, so avoid going in to the gathering hungry. Eat before you go and bring your own replacement if necessary. Also, keep something in your purse or car just in case.
  • Be aware that social cues can easily cause us to eat when not hungry, especially in social situations. The combination of peer pressure, social anxiety, trigger foods and alcohol can make it  tough to navigate, no matter where you’re at in your journey.
  • One member shared that she recently hosted a graduation party and made low carb replacements for herself. It helped keep her on track even though there were multiple high carb sweet foods at the event.
  • One way to defend against an uncertain situation is to eat before you go, especially if you don’t know what food will be available. 
  • A popular option at most social situations is pizza — never be afraid of taking the toppings off and ditching the crust. At restaurants, don’t be afraid to order two meals/proteins — whatever it takes to make it through the situation.
  • If you do face a stressful social situation make sure you have food prepared for the next day. Sometimes the day after is harder than the actual situation because you have used so much willpower and energy making it through it that you let your guard down (or feel you deserve a reward).
  • Often high carb leftovers left around the house make us susceptible to overeating after an event. Give them away or get rid of them!
  • Do the best you can in the situation and don’t be hard on yourself if you slip. Just refocus and get back on track as soon as possible. Don’t try to over-restrict if you lose focus, just get back to basics for a few days until the appetite reduces again.

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Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care provides nationwide medical weight loss, primary and metabolic care through an individualized approach that reverses and prevents disease.

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