Small Group: Accountability & Support

A supportive and social way to remain in control of your health

This group is for those who have a basic understanding of a low carb and ketogenic lifestyle, but would like on-going accountability and support.

What You’ll Gain:

Group camaraderie to help you address weight loss stalls

Work on weekly goals to build on long-term success

Learn strategies for how to sustain low carb beyond willpower

Get off the diet-binge-restrict cycle and make small changes that will last forever

This program is for you...

Getting Started
& What to Expect

Sessions begin and end in same scheduled 8-week period; make-up sessions are not permitted

Includes premium access to Doctor Tro’s app, a 4-Page General Plan, access to Tuesday community Group Coaching sessions and LowCarbMD LIVE recordings

All participants are encouraged to share challenges, struggles, victories, accomplishments, and strategies

makes a difference

The Doctor Tro App helps you reclaim your health by providing real support, powerful resources and a community by your side.

Led by Experts

Our trained & experienced certified Health Coaches will guide each Small Group Coaching session and work through small, achievable action items each week. With their vast experience, our coaches are well equipped to provide practical strategies toward sustainable solutions.

Program Details

Upcoming Monthly Sessions

New sessions start every month. Those wishing to participate in a session should be prepared to commit to the entire 4-week program. Members may only join at the beginning of a session and will not be permitted to join ongoing sessions.

8-Week Program


Not a current member of Dr. Tro’s practice

8-Week Program


Current Patients of Dr. Tro’s practice get discounted rates. Contact the office to complete your enrollment.

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Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care provides nationwide medical weight loss, primary and metabolic care through an individualized approach that reverses and prevents disease. 

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Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care provides nationwide medical weight loss, primary and metabolic care through an individualized approach that reverses and prevents disease.

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