Amy’s Corner: #WhyWait


And just like that, the summer is over, and in only 12 weeks we will officially close out 2023.


Come January, many of us will be ready to recommit to our healthy lifestyles – lists will be made, plans will be hatched, and resolutions promising never to go off track again will be set in motion. The ball in Times Square will drop and in 3…2…1…we will turn the page to a fresh year, filled with hope and new vows to make lasting changes: “I’m really gonna do it! This is the year I become the best version of myself!


It’s a nice image, and not to spoil the warm and fuzzy mood, but back last January, didn’t you make the same promises?


Who did you want to be this year? What did you want to do this year? Where did you succeed and where did you fall short? How close did you get to keeping those vows you made to yourself?


I’m not talking numbers on the scale, but what kind of person did you want to become on December 31 as the countdown began? Did you want to be the type of person that commits to healthy habits every day? Did you want to be the kind of person that shows up for yourself day in and day out? Did you wake up on January 1 of this year thinking “This is the year I really do it!” And if so, how did that go?


For many people, the next 3 months are a death knell to our healthy lifestyles: endless food, celebrations, holidays, travel, family gatherings, good stress, bad stress, end of year work deadlines, so many reasons for us to throw in the towel on keeping our health goals front of mind. And who could blame us…the seductive lure of a fresh start in the new year (or Monday, after the holidays/vacation or whatever arbitrary date on a calendar is looming) allows us to justify eating whatever, drinking whatever, hitting the snooze button a few extra times and skipping the gym because “I’ll just start over on January 1” is right around the corner. Once again, our inner lying liar has hidden the real truth, convincing us this time will be different, when the truth is, if we operate the same way we always have, we will continue to get the same results.


But here’s a-look-yourself-dead-in-the-eye-question: what is going to make 2024 any different from all the other years if you don’t try something different? Now. Not in the new year. Now.


#WhyWait until next January to recommit?


For years and years, I started a new diet in January, by February I would start slipping, the scale stopped moving in March and by April or May I was completely off the rails. Then, my birthday in June (“I’ll start in July!”). But the summer brought travel, weekends away with friends and endless reasons to put off that fresh start. “After Labor Day…in September!” I vowed but couldn’t quite get there. So, by the time the Halloween candy was on the shelves, so were my health goals, and I consoled myself with thoughts of that January reset and the promise of a clean slate. Rinse…repeat…endlessly.


#WhyWait, indeed. What magical thing happens in January, that can’t happen now? Why not start the new year, just 12 weeks away, with your habits already formed, rather than needing to be established.


This month, our practice is doing a quarterly challenge open to all Doctor Tro app community members called #WhyWait which will include weekly tasks designed to help you formulate and execute your lifestyle and health plans. In addition, the whole team is excited to launch a new High Accountability group on Tuesday evenings in October (at 5:30p EST) for only $40. If you are a premium app member, this is included in your membership. Stay tuned to the Community Chat message board for more information.


There are approximately 90 days left of this year to improve our lives, and become the best version of ourselves.


Who did you want to be in 2023? #WhyWait one minute longer? Participate in the high accountability group and let’s finish 2023 strong together.



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