Member Spotlight: Aubrey

First name: Aubrey


Age: 46


Where do you live? Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Profession: Stay at home mom and homeschooler. (I was a teacher/Christian educator before I had my children)


Diet/weight history: I have always had a problem with my weight. My family has as I came by it naturally?? Or whatever. I love to eat and sugar and rice is my vice. Food has always been easy to hide behind, and always made me feel good. Successes achieved on low carb—so many!!! I have learned how to eat and how to stay in control. I have lowered my A1c (5.9 to 5.4…I am no longer prediabetic!!) I have also lowered many other numbers, or have gotten them back in check. I have lost over 50 pounds, and have found a new love of myself and my body! This is the longest I have been able to stay on track of anything “diet” wise. And I had done “keto” before. We are big amusement/theme park people…(we live in Florida!!!) And I have been able to fit on rides, and walk the parks without pain. I can keep up
with my kids at the water park again! It has been amazing!


How long have you been low carb? Since January 1, 2023, so 7 months.


Why did you start low carb? I was looking for something that would work for me. I didn’t want to go on medicine, or have surgery. I wanted to be healthy and active again!


How did you start? My very supportive and loving husband was listening to a podcast and Dr. Tro was a guest and we looked him up…and the rest is history!


How has keto changed for you over this time? Well, I started all in. I knew I had to. The only change over the seven months is probably eating more berries and grabbing a watermelon or melon serving here or there. I have also learned how to replace so many things that I have craved so I wasn’t deprived. This sometimes meant sugar free candy, or  making a dish or desert I wanted as keto friendly as possible. I have learned that sometimes I have to choose the better option that is placed before me.


What do you struggle with? Sweets. I have to stay away from even keto sweets as much as possible as they trigger me to want more than I need. Believe it or not, I can’t eat rice at all. And it is so hard to even be around it. I can’t find anything to fix that craving…and no cauliflower rice DOES NOT TASTE LIKE RICE. Rice is my favorite. Our best friends own Peruvian restaurants and they make the best rice on the planet…and I haven’t had any since I have been low carb. This has been my biggest struggle!!!


What do you love about low carb? I love that it is so doable!! There are low carb replacements for just about anything. And if I can’t think of a replacement, someone else has and I just have to look it up! I rarely feel deprived!


Top tip? Advocate for yourself! Know before you go. Have a plan. And if you can’t think of a plan, reach out for help!


Advice for people starting out: Give yourself grace!!! It is a hard and slow process, but it is so worth it. It won’t all happen over night, or even in a month, but trust the process and keep at it!


Favorite low carb meal on the go? Chipotle bowl with extra meat, or a 1/4 pounder beef patty from McDonalds.


Favorite low carb meal to cook? Any meat my husband smokes on the smoker, or keto lasagna (with egg wraps for noodles!) yummy!


Favorite holiday/special occasion recipe? Keto cheesecake for sure!


Favorite inspirational quote? Well…how about word? GRACE!!


Anything else you want us to know about you? I am a very, very social person. I love traveling and living in South Florida. I am living my dream life. Food is a huge part of it! I am thankful for a plan that doesn’t let me feel deprived, but I am even more thankful for a doctor and health coach and team that is cheering for me and holding my hand!


Desert island Must Have: All of the episodes of !! I am part of the cult following!! 🙂



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Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care provides nationwide medical weight loss, primary and metabolic care through an individualized approach that reverses and prevents disease.

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