Member Spotlight: Bryan

First name: Bryan


Age: 43


Where do you live? Long Island, NY


Profession? School bus supervisor/trainer


Diet/weight history? Weight has fluctuated but I hit my highest in 2017 at 450 + pounds. I don’t know how much higher because my scale didn’t go up that high and read error until I got to 450. Today I am 206 pounds.


Successes achieved on low carb? I have lost over 200 lbs eating a keto style low carb diet.


How long have you been low carb? 12-18 months


Why did you start low carb? I was originally prescribed munjaro and told by my doctor it would make me eat less and he left it at that. I didn’t see any real loss until a pivital moment with my Son (main turning point of my story) and from there I realized I needed to make a change. At that point I started a modified keto-vore diet and began gradually increasing my workouts in conjunction with my weight loss improvements.


How did you start? My son walked into the room one day and asked me to play and told me not to worry I could sit and watch him play and in the moment I had like a vision where I saw him standing next to a casket and I just knew that it was me. At that moment I said I will not let this weight rob another day, another moment of my life and shape my sons life in a negative way. That was the day I started winning my life back.


How has keto changed for you over this time? Originally I started with a strict carnivore diet and over time I’ve added and subtracted foods that while still keto are not carnivore. I also monitor how foods effect my blood sugar with a cgm so I know what I can eat and what I cant. I’ve also gone down the rabbit hole and done research on other health choices: seed oils, fluoride, artificial flavors and additives and supplements etc.


What do you struggle with? Hardest part at this point is relaxing. I think I am hyper aware of how easy it was to put the weight on and make bad eating choices and being lazy and I never want to go back to that. Im sure there are places I can relax a little but I’m not ready at this point to entertain it.


What do you love about low carb? I love having a clear head, feeling healthy and all the other benefits like being able to move around and be active.


Top tip? Always try to make progress. If youre moving forward you are building toawards success. And also success comes in parts. I look back at 10 months ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago, 2 weeks ago and each time I felt like it was such a massive success at the time. Now I see myself and I say wow I’ve come so much further than that point. So in the moment you have to feel good and celebrate those wins. Also take pics. Take pics when you win and when you have a setback. These stories read so much better with pictures.


Advice for people just starting out? Read! Research! Cross-reference info. Don’t cherry pick to satisfy what you want. From there begin removing bad stuff one at a time and build off of it. It takes two weeks to make a habit. Stay strong and get to that point then move on to the next challenge. You will be surprised how fast you stack up wins.


Favorite low-carb meal on the go? Cheeseburgers no bun in lettuce wrap with avocado mayo and pickles.


Favorite low-carb meal to cook? STEAK. Preferably ribeye or prime rib with home made keto creamed spinach.


Favorite holiday/special occasion recipe? I love turkey with gravy. Be creative and take the flour out of the gravy and you’re good to go. Other favorite is the prime rib with homemade keto horseradish cream sauce.


Favorite inspirational quote? Favorite one at the moment is: “Today you can say one day or you can make it day one, it’s your choice. “


Anything else you want us to know about you? I love seeing others succeed. I really believe in the saying “the high tide raises all ships”. Im amazed every day at how many people I’ve inspired without even trying. I also have to thank God for giving me the strength to stay the course on this journey. I can’t take the credit because I know if I relied on myself I would have failed along time ago. God has been my strength and I give him the credit.


Desert-island must have (maybe a favorite TV show, music, book and/or item you can’t or don’t want to live without)? If I had to pick one thing I would say my ear buds and access to Pandora. I can find just about anything on there from workout music to meditation.



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Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care provides nationwide medical weight loss, primary and metabolic care through an individualized approach that reverses and prevents disease.

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