Member Spotlight: Carrie

First name:  Carrie


Age:  47 in August, but feel like I am half that


Where do you live? Fairbanks, Alaska


Profession: Wife, stay-at-home-mother, and money saver


Diet/weight history?  Highest weight I logged in Fitbit was 245, but I know it was higher.  


Successes achieved on low carb?  Blood pressure under control (was hospital trip worthy), psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis much improved, B12 back to normal range, folate back to normal range, building muscles and bones.


How long have you been low carb?  September 2021


Why did you start low carb?  To get my blood pressure and psoriasis under control


How did you start?  Dr.  Sarah Hallberg’s Ted Talk on low carb popped up as a suggested video on YouTube as I was researching how to improve psoriasis without meds.


How has keto changed for you over this time?  Like Dave Danna said, I was prone to a lot of Infotainment videos on Keto.  Once I realized there were real doctors on YouTube/podcasts, I immersed myself in those videos and lectures (and stayed away from infotainment).


What do you struggle with?  Salty/crunchy … sweets have never been my jam … but salty/crunchy? … my monster.


What do you love about low carb?  Whole, low carb food makes my body and brain feel the best.  I appreciate that eating this way has helped me become much less emotional/cranky.


Top tip?  Your body is your body.  If your body does not appreciate it when you eat kale, you don’t need to eat kale.


Advice for people just starting out?  Run away from the infotainment.  Fast.  Far.  It will save you months and months of struggle.


Favorite low-carb meal on the go?  Sugar-free beef jerky


Favorite low-carb meal to cook?  Ground beef “taco” salad (OK, nothing really taco about it except the seasoning and salsa – lol)


Favorite holiday/special occasion recipe?  Steak and asparagus


Favorite inspirational quote: “Everyone wants you to succeed.” — Dave Danna 


Anything else you want us to know about you?  I love all things food prep and know that having cooked proteins in my freezer is an absolute must for me and my toolbox.


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Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care provides nationwide medical weight loss, primary and metabolic care through an individualized approach that reverses and prevents disease.

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