Spotlight on Group Coaching Member Dan Cadmus

We are thrilled to announce Dan Cadmus will be the featured member at the Group Coaching Zoom meeting, Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at 5:30 pm EST.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Group Coaching program or signing up, you can do so here.

We interviewed Dan in preparation for the meeting, so you can get understand some of the challenges he’s faced and some of his accomplishments.

Where do you live?
East Meadow, New York

Currently, a full-time student and pursuing my health coach certification.

Diet/weight history?
I have had weight issues for as long as I can remember but being so heavily involved with sports as a kid/teen kept it under control. I injured my elbow in 11th grade, which effectively killed all possibilities of playing baseball in college. This eventually led to mental health issues, a sedentary lifestyle, and a continuation down the food addiction rabbit-hole. I spent most of my early 20s yoyo dieting, trying and repeatedly failing to lose weight. I hit a low point around 2016 and decided I needed to change. I managed to stay on track for the next year or so, essentially white-knuckling it following the standard diet nonsense. Eventually, I found low carb, and my progress ramped up tenfold. I lost a total of 180 pounds and continue to maintain it.

How long have you been low carb?
About two years.

Why did you start low carb?
I was getting hernia surgery and knew I wouldn’t be able to exercise for a few months. I was afraid to lose progress while I couldn’t work out, so I started researching keto after hearing about it from my roommate.

How did you start?
I knew some of the basics from the limited research I had done. I started writing down my daily carb amount and tried to keep it under 30 but paid little attention to food quality at first.

How has keto changed for you over this time?
It started pretty “dirty” with tons of cheese, nuts, and random store-bought keto treats. It eventually evolved to almost exclusively whole-foods, and now mostly carnivore. It’s also worth noting that I used to incorporate cheat meals every once in a while, but it eventually got out of control. If I “cheat” now, it’s always a low carb version, and I make sure I keep it limited.

What do you struggle with?
Food addiction, for sure. If I let myself get out of control with the keto treats, it tends to lead to the carb-filled version of the food I was trying to replace.

What do you love about low carb?
The appetite control and ability to fast.

Top tip?
Consistency and self-forgiveness. I have fallen off track more times than I can count, but the ability to keep getting back up is what led me to success.

Advice for people just starting out?
Similar to the theme of consistency, understand that the process isn’t linear. Slip-ups are inevitable; how you recover is all that matters.

Favorite low-carb meal on the go?
Fast-food burger patties.

Favorite low-carb meal to cook?
Pork belly or ribs.

Favorite holiday/special occasion recipe?
None yet, I need to hit up my man Vic!

Favorite inspirational quote
Struggle breeds resilience.


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