The “5 Musts” of lifestyle change

After helping thousands of patients lose weight, here’s my advice for those looking for lifelong, sustainable life changes. These are the “5 MUSTS” anyone trying to lose weight lifelong NEEDS to do.


Before you understand my “5 musts”, simply ask yourself – what are the side effects of your prior weight loss attempts – NOT your reasons, NOT what you want to happen, what went wrong, what made you stop?


The 5 Musts: #1 HUNGER
Most people quit diets because they feel low energy, tired and hungry. Your weight loss attempt will need to manage HUNGER. Are food choices making you full, or are they leaving you craving more a couple of hours later? Your meals and snacks need to be largely satiating foods like fish, beef, chicken, peppers, avocados, broccoli.


The 5 Musts: #2 CRAVINGS
Many people fall off track because they crave certain foods & their desired diet doesn’t include those. If you are habituated to junk food like pizza, french fries, hamburgers, donuts, cookies, ice cream, how do you plan on managing those CRAVINGS? In our app, we outline a plan to manage these cravings for those interested in the low-carb lifestyle


The minute you start to eat less “unhealthy food” you will notice that the world around you will continue to eat the same foods are you trying to limit. Inevitably, you are going to ask yourself “why can’t I eat that.” You’re going to have FEELINGS OF DEPRIVATION. Are you prepared to handle that? you will need to plan ahead on how you will manage.


Many people fall off track because of SOCIAL SITUATIONS. Business meetings, going out to eat with friends, vacations, holidays, and social events ALL of these have consistently sent people’s lifestyles to an early grave🪦. How will you manage it?


The 5 Musts: #5 EMOTIONS
Human eating behavior is more than just hunger. People eat, even to the point of self-harm, out of habit, due to depression, anxiety, boredom, happiness, etc. Do you understand your EMOTIONS, and how they will derail you in this process? If you don’t understand how your emotions are related to your eating, how will you change your eating habits?


Final Thoughts:
So these are the “5 MUSTS” for anyone who wants a sustainable path.

•Feelings of Deprivation
•Social Situations


What about calories?


Now let’s examine which one of these the bland advice of a “caloric deficit” addresses.

Will a caloric deficit help manage any of these?
❌Feelings of Deprivation
❌Social Situations


So basically, focusing on “a caloric deficit” won’t help these 5 MUSTS, the 5 things that ruin and derail most people’s lifestyle change attempts. In fact, the precious “caloric deficit” will exacerbate hunger, cravings, and feelings of deprivation and make dealing with social situations and emotions more difficult… Meaning, the advice of “focusing on a caloric deficit” will likely lead to failure, as we have seen during the past 70 years of nutritional messaging. So, while the “chad bodybuilders” of the Internet and the “beauty and the geeks” of the podcast world, may recommend a “caloric deficit”, realize they are likely not talking to you… in fact, their advice may be more harmful to you than you know.


Use our app to get started now at your own pace but if you need comprehensive medical care, reach out to our office.


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Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Primary Care provides nationwide medical weight loss, primary and metabolic care through an individualized approach that reverses and prevents disease.

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