Diet Study Reveals Major Flaws

The reanalysis of a study conducted by the NIH examining the differences between an animal-based low-carbohydrate diet and plant-based low-fat diet goes beyond the expected support for low-carb diets, uncovering unexpected twists. Notably, the data suggests that a Low-Carb Diet (LCD) reduces future eating, while a low-calorie, low-fat diet increases it.


However, uncertainty arises as a significant number of participants (four out of twenty) reportedly asked to remove their data from the open science dataset years after publication—a highly unusual occurrence that sparks doubt and raises questions about data integrity.


Adding to the complexity, fresh data expose fundamental flaws in the original research paper. The study failed to consider diet-carryover effects, revealing that the Low-Carb Diet provides a Metabolic Advantage over the Low-Fat Diet. Specifically, the Low-carb diet triggers positive metabolic ‘priming,’ and a marker of insulin release in the first phase predicts energy intake and weight change in the second phase, aligning with the Carbohydrate Insulin Model.


In summary, these revelations constitute a major shift:


  1. The prior study’s conclusions are invalidated.
  2. The data strongly support the Carbohydrate Insulin Model over the traditional Energy Balance Model.


Check out the original article linked here. These unexpected findings underscore the importance of careful scrutiny in interpreting scientific studies for informed decision-making. We anticipate an explanation regarding the decision to withhold data from the four participants during the re-analysis, as well as insights into why the data was initially shared in the open science database and subsequently removed after a few years.. You can also watch this video by paper co-author Dr. Nick Norwitz.


For more resources on creating and sustaining a low-carb lifestyle, download the Toward Health App on Apple or Google.




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