Is Low-Carb Eating Expensive?

Is low-carb eating expensive? The short answer is NO, but it can be if you let it! Why? The main culprits are prepackaged keto products. A lot of people buy these to replace the old carb-filled foods they used to eat, but these products are often very expensive and the costs can add up if… Continue reading Is Low-Carb Eating Expensive?

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3/30/2021 Group Meeting – CGM’s and Data Overload

In this week’s group meeting Dr. Tro and health coaches Amy Eiges and Brian Wiley finished the month of March by answering questions and understanding CGM data. The conversation also discussed the idea of data overload and how to sustain momentum long term. Dr. Tro began by discussing how his practice uses tools like scales,… Continue reading 3/30/2021 Group Meeting – CGM’s and Data Overload