Member Spotlight: Bob H

Name: Bob Age: 55 Where do you live? Ellicott City, Maryland Profession: I worked as a writer early on after college. In graduate school, I had some severe medical problems that ended┬ámy academic career and actually prevented me from reading or writing anything for a year. This helped lead me in the direction of a… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Bob H

How To Start a Low-Carb ‘Diet’

How do I start low carb? That’s an important question you need to consider if you’ve ever thought about using therapeutic carbohydrate reduction (TCR) to meet your weight loss and metabolic health goals. Unfortunately, starting a low-carb/ketogenic diet can be very confusing, because there is so much conflicting information out there. A simple Google search… Continue reading How To Start a Low-Carb ‘Diet’

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