The state of the
healthcare system

What is going on with your healthcare system?   Many of my patients ask me why I think the healthcare system is in such a disastrous situation. Besides the last several years of COVID flip-flops, the opioid scandals, drugs being pulled off the market and the decades of nutrition flip-flops, many are finding that increasingly… Continue reading The state of the
healthcare system

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Member Spotlight: Carrie

First name:  Carrie   Age:  47 in August, but feel like I am half that   Where do you live? Fairbanks, Alaska   Profession: Wife, stay-at-home-mother, and money saver   Diet/weight history?  Highest weight I logged in Fitbit was 245, but I know it was higher.     Successes achieved on low carb?  Blood pressure under… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Carrie

Dr. Tro’s Talk at LCD ’23

  Watch Dr. Tro’s powerful presentation on “The Clinical Approach to Food Addiction, Informed Consent & Hunger” at Low Carb Denver 2023, Health and Nutrition Conference. Dr. Tro is an unwavering champion for metabolic health, dedicated to empowering the medical community to make it a top priority. He urges healthcare professionals to break free from… Continue reading Dr. Tro’s Talk at LCD ’23