Understanding Keto Products


#1 malnutrition problem in the U.S.   In 1977, George McGovern warned that obesity would be the #1 malnutrition problem in the U.S. Arguably, that is when society became increasingly aware of obesity and heart disease as a cause for concern at a population level.   At the time, I was only 4 years old,… Continue reading Understanding Keto Products

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Fasting in 5 Steps

We’ve identified five essential steps for starting your fasting journey. If you’re interested in learning more or want continued support and accountability to help you implement and sustain fasting in your lifestyle, Health Coach Alice Smith will be leading our next Fasting (no lunch) Small Group course from August 3 – August 23 on our… Continue reading Fasting in 5 Steps

Making an impact

The mission that drives Dr. Laura Buchanan is to help people age successfully. As a certified metabolic health practitioner (MHP) and a founding member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners, Dr. Buchanan thrives when given the chance to make an impact on her patients’ lives and provide education on the effectiveness of a ketogenic… Continue reading Making an impact

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New Quality of life Study


  A new paper recently co-authored by Dr. Laura Buchanan, MD, a board-certified family medicine physician at Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss, demonstrates improvement in A1C and weight when using continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in a group medical visit setting (GMV). The aim of this study is to assess the utilization of CGMs in a… Continue reading New Quality of life Study