Amy’s Corner: Distractions

I went to the hairdresser recently, and while I was there waiting for my “natural” blonde highlights to re-emerge, I heard client after client come in, sit in the swivel chair and say some version of this: “I want a change.” Followed by: “Not too short. Don’t cut too much. I want to keep it… Continue reading Amy’s Corner: Distractions

Amy’s Inspiring Journey: Featured in Woman’s World

Taking steps toward a healthier life comes with its challenges, and Amy’s experience with the keto diet illustrates this well. In a recent Woman’s World feature, we learn about Amy’s impressive transformation and the vital role of mentorship and self-determination.   Guided by Dr. Tro’s insights and a personalized plan, Amy conquered her hunger while… Continue reading Amy’s Inspiring Journey: Featured in Woman’s World

Member Spotlight: Aubrey

First name: Aubrey   Age: 46   Where do you live? Royal Palm Beach, Florida   Profession: Stay at home mom and homeschooler. (I was a teacher/Christian educator before I had my children)   Diet/weight history: I have always had a problem with my weight. My family has as I came by it naturally??… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Aubrey