Member Spotlight: Bryan

First name: Bryan   Age: 43   Where do you live? Long Island, NY   Profession? School bus supervisor/trainer   Diet/weight history? Weight has fluctuated but I hit my highest in 2017 at 450 + pounds. I don’t know how much higher because my scale didn’t go up that high and read error until I… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Bryan

Member Spotlight: Aubrey

First name: Aubrey   Age: 46   Where do you live? Royal Palm Beach, Florida   Profession: Stay at home mom and homeschooler. (I was a teacher/Christian educator before I had my children)   Diet/weight history: I have always had a problem with my weight. My family has as I came by it naturally??… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Aubrey

Member Spotlight: Carrie

First name:  Carrie   Age:  47 in August, but feel like I am half that   Where do you live? Fairbanks, Alaska   Profession: Wife, stay-at-home-mother, and money saver   Diet/weight history?  Highest weight I logged in Fitbit was 245, but I know it was higher.     Successes achieved on low carb?  Blood pressure under… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Carrie

Member Spotlight: Joan B

Name: Joan Bjornsgaard Age: 69 Live: Tulsa, OK Profession: psychotherapist for 28 years, still in practice   Diet/weight history: I’ve tried them all. I was first put on diet pills by my mom at 16 because I weighed 150 pounds, and I’ve yo-yo’d my entire life. Tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig. I lost 100… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Joan B

Member Spotlight:
Barbara F.

Name: Barbara Age: 58 Where do you live? Kenner, Louisiana Profession? Customer Service Account Representative Diet/weight history? I have tried many diets over the years and was not successful. I have been obese most of my life and my weight has been increasing every year…until I started Dr. Tro’s Weight loss program. Successes achieved on… Continue reading Member Spotlight:
Barbara F.

Member Spotlight: Gregg S.

Name: Gregg Schenck Age: 56 Where do you live?  Ponchatoula, LA – home of the Louisiana Strawberry Festival. Approximately 50 miles northwest of New Orleans. Profession? Oracle ERP Analyst / Developer Diet/weight history: My weight history can somewhat be described as a series of plateaus and failures.  When I was a child, my parents were… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Gregg S.

Member Spotlight: Beth

First name: Beth Age: 49 Where do you live? Charlotte, North Carolina Profession: Was in dentistry 16 years and now have gone into commercial banking as of July 11th. Diet/weight history: My entire life I considered myself fat, even at 150 pounds I considered myself heavy. My dad’s family are all morbidly obese. My grandmother… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Beth

Member Spotlight: Shannon

Join our community to interact with Shannon and others who are pursuing their weight loss journey’s First name: Shannon Age: 51 Where do you live? New Orleans area Profession? Customer Service Diet/weight history? I’ve done it all, and have gained, lost and gained back 75+ pounds three times in my life. In my early 20s… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Shannon

Member Spotlight: Sue

First name: Sue Age: 50 Where do you live? Cedar Falls Profession? Finance / Operations for a tech company Diet/weight history? I grew a foot between 4th and 5th grade, to my current height of 5’10”. I wasn’t fat but my height made me feel so much bigger than everyone else and I wanted to… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Sue

Member Spotlight: Dee H

Name? Dee H Age? 52 years old Where do you live?  St. Joseph, MI (a little town on Lake Michigan) Profession?  Fundraiser for local Boys & Girls Clubs Diet/weight history?  First diet – age 8. I was a low fat devotee. Through high school and college I was always either dieting or eating junk. (Did… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Dee H

Member Spotlight: Julie

First name: Julie Age: 49 Where do you live? Bellingham, Washington Profession? Special Education Teacher (middle school for students with learning and behavioral disabilities) Diet/weight history? High fat carnivore (current); grew up in a unstable home environment; parents fed us vegetarian diet and restricted how much we were allowed to eat; competitive swimmer until age… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Julie

Member Spotlight: Lauren

First name: Lauren Age: 35 Where do you live? Niskayuna, NY Profession? CPA Diet/weight history? I’ve always loved food and have had an appetite. I was never skinny, but was always very active, played sports, and would not have been considered fat. I wore a size 8/ 12 in high school. In college despite being… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Lauren

Member Spotlight: Bob H

Name: Bob Age: 55 Where do you live? Ellicott City, Maryland Profession: I worked as a writer early on after college. In graduate school, I had some severe medical problems that ended my academic career and actually prevented me from reading or writing anything for a year. This helped lead me in the direction of a… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Bob H

Spotlight on Group Coaching Member: Bob Collins

First name: Bob Age: 58 Where do you live? Westchester County, NY Profession? Corporate Security (current); retired Law Enforcement professional (~25yrs) Diet/weight history? Pre-teen I was “chubby,” the term used in the 1970’s, especially at stores when they had clothes on display while shopping was “husky”; as a teenager I grew taller and thinned out,… Continue reading Spotlight on Group Coaching Member: Bob Collins

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